Story & Mission



DapperWay was founded early November 2017 with one simple goal to achieve: to craft innovative and fresh accessories for the Dapper man everywhere. 

The men's accessories on the market were pretty okay; we were just bored with the traditional, conformative style. Everything seemed the same -- to us. 
So we scratched our own itch and opted to craft our own, only with our innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.



Though we are still a small, family-run business, we've a vision to give men the pleasure of upgrading their style to fit their driven lifestyles.  

Knowing the wide demographic of men who sport stylish fits and accessories, we thoughtfully crafted our collections to suit the Dapper man and his expressive attitude. 
Instead of offering a huge catalog of unoriginal products, we only offer a curated, select few in order to focus on quality, intention, and effectiveness. 



We're humbly confident in our products, mission, and growth, but in any circumstance of you not having a 100% satisfied experience, we'll be quick to fix the problem, make any necessary exchanges, or offer you a full refund (*within 30 days of order delivery).


If this is your first time shopping with us, accept this welcome offer and use code "WELCOME15" for 15% off your entire order. Treat yourself.